About Mel Kaario

Mel Kaario

My diverse experience in business began having played a major role as the first employee of a company called TrainingNet that was hatched in the basement of a home in North Vancouver in the mid 1990’s. TrainingNet was a high growth start-up that later became THINQ Learning Solutions. THINQ grew from just 3 of us to over 350 employees in 4 years and had over $70 million in investment funding in that time.  I hired sales staff, created training programs, and negotiated contracts with some of the top global business schools such as MIT Sloan School of Business, the Haas School of Business at Cal Berkeley, and the London School of Economics, among others.

In 2002 I left to build my own business marketing software business on a SaaS model. In 2010 I began to feel some unrest with operating that business, things were good financially but  I now know that operating that business had me misaligned with my values and the result was stress and frustration. I was becoming completely disengaged regardless of my profitability. Having a love of working with people and experience running my own business, I decided to become a business coach and attended an ICF-accredited school, the International Coach Academy in Brisbane, Australia.

Upon graduation, I was approached by a long time friend and CEO who brought me on board BOSI Global to on-board, train, and coach their global network of over 70 business advisors which I thoroughly enjoyed and did so for 5 years. 

Over the last 10 years I have had the great privilege of coaching some incredible people around the globe, helping them discover what they deeply desire through my proprietary process validated by close to 200 clients.  I love what I do and have no interest at all in ever retiring.   Bless you! Thanks for reading!  

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